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We love the summer months, the feeling of sunshine beaming down on your face is hard to beat. Summer is so uplifting, but it can cause some problems with your skin too. Even if you’ve maintained a good skincare regime throughout the summer and remembered to regularly apply a good quality sunscreen, your skin still needs a little bit of extra loving care once the summer months start drawing to an end. The good news is that we have some amazing products that will counteract the damaging effects of the summer sun and ensure your skin is beautiful, all ready for autumn…


Cleanse well

Cleanse well inner

The first step in restoring your skin to utmost beauty is to cleanse thoroughly, yet gently. Some cleansers can be harsh, especially when you use them regularly, so pick a cleanser that’s proven to be gentle on your skin. Beyond Natural Foaming Cleanser is the perfect choice and it’s ideal for anyone with sensitive skin as it’s so gentle. This cleanser utilises the soothing and healing powers of natural chamomile which has so many benefits. It will calm rashes and it’s also great for helping with sunburn and the after effects of the sun. Chamomile is well known for its healing properties. Another ingredient in this product is cucumber, this will help to hydrate dry skin and leave you feeling fully refreshed. This cleanser has a beautiful foam texture that feel luxurious and is a joy to use.


Get rid of dead skin

Get rid of dead skin inner

The sun can have a very drying effect on our skin. So it’s wise to exfoliate and hydrate your skin, getting rid of those dead skin cells and allowing your natural beauty to shine through. Paul Penders Herbal Citrus Fruit Exfoliant is a very effective exfoliant that isn’t abrasive and contains only natural, organic ingredients. It will banish dry skin and unclog your pores leaving your skin silky smooth and looking younger.

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The secret of serum

The secret to fully hydrating your skin after a hot summer is to use a good serum. When it comes to serum, a little goes a long way, so invest in a good quality serum and benefit from fantastic anti-ageing properties. Our favourite serum for post-summer skincare is Beyond Organic Rejuvenating Serum. This product contains rosehip oil which is rich in provitamin A and is both anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory. Macadamia oil is also added which aids the rate at which the serum absorbs into the skin, giving almost instant results.


Choose the best moisturiser

Choose the best moisturiser inner

At this time of year you need a powerful, natural moisturiser that will combat summer skin problems and add back that all important moisture, to leave your skin looking younger and feeling soft and silky to the touch. Our top pick for this time of year is Beyond Organic Rescue Salve for face and body. A versatile product that is incredibly soothing and very gentle yet it gives amazing results for a visible beauty that will last all day.

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